Thursday, January 28, 2016

Alice medrichs coconut macaroons

Recipe is available online widely.

Added a tsp of cardamom and a couple of tablespoons of finely chopped pistachios. These sold out in a couple of days , main consumer being me!!! I loved these. Reminded me of coconut barfis and the recipe has some protein to boot.

Cardamom butter cookies

These were sold out in a single day. Baby G and Hubs leading the assault .

Base recipe from Serious eats 
Added about a teaspoon of fresh cardamom powder, brushed with egg white and springled with a mixture of pistachio and granulated sugar.

Best crisp ginger molasses cookies / ginger snaps

From serious eats
So the first time i made these , i made the disastrous substitution of whole wheat pastry flour.Do not do that! Use normal whole wheat flour ( i used gold medal).

These continue crisping up over a period of time ( they lasted about a week at my home)